Summer is Finally Here!

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I don't know about where you are but here in the state of WA it has been incredibly wet with a lack of sunshine!

It is very hard on a lot of us for different reasons.

Some, the lack of sunshine means lack of Vitamin D which means seasonal depression.

For others it means bones and body aches and with lack of outdoor exercise it just plain hurts to move.

I also find a lack of energy. Yikes!

My husband is always saying a body in motion stays in motion and a body at rest stays at rest.

So, what is the answer?

I do my best to use my stair stepper, practice Yoga. (haha definitely practicing) :)

I learned the cold weather really makes my body hurt so I learned to keep myself warm. Thermals, thick socks, sweaters, sweat pants. And that is indoors! LOL

But it seriously helps.

Outdoors I do my best to avoid when cold. And when I can't avoid it I'm definitely in hats, scarfs, boots and my big thick coats.

Vitamins! Definitely Vitamins! I can't stress that enough!

Extra D and C and Iron and Zinc. The more you can keep your body balanced the more efficient your body will be for you in any of the elements.

But the wet, now that is a different story!

We have definitely had our share of rain this year!

Do whatever you can to stay dry, umbrellas, raincoats, rainboots! 

So, I for one am a happy camper to see some warmth coming our way. 

One thing I do very much of is wear my hair up when it's warm. My hair is long and thick so I practice (there is that word again :) ) a lot of up do's. Braids, pony tails and messy buns really aren't my friends but I would love to think so. 

My daughter makes them look so easy but when I do it... hmmm! :D 

Most often it is most definitely a messy something :D

But no matter how messy it is or how it comes out once I put those gorgeous dangly earrings on I look and feel great.

So don't forget those earrings.. the messier I am dressed, :) jeans and a tee, shorts and a summer top, however I am dressed the fancier or funner (if that's even a word) the earrings.  

I like to pick out my earrings then put on the personality! LOL

Now don't tell me you don't do that ;) and if you don't you should seriously start!

Feathers mean playful. Rhinestones mean sophisticated. Beads mean casual.

You get the picture. 

I like being Sassy ~ that's always my favorite. Uh huh!

So long and dangly for me!

And yes you can pull off any earrings and any personality wearing whatever you want!

So, now that the warm weather is here pull up that hair show off those lobes, grab those earrings, put on that personality and have yourself some fun!

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Gayle Smith-Cruse

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